The Restaurant

Le antiche officine di Villa Giusso

Come and taste all the best products our land produce

in a scenery of rare and unique fascination

Le antiche officine

Could a restaurant be an embassy for his territory? We hope so: this is our challenge!

A simple cuisine – inspired by original recipes of the area and discovering monastic cuisine and aromatic herbs – these last ones – the kitchen “real salt”.

A true cuisine – using natural and highly nourishing ingredients, those our sea and our land give us with generosity and transformed in delicious dishes, thanks to the knowledge of our grand-mothers.

An accurate presentation – careful to the details to offer a complete experience to be enjoyed with all senses.

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Tasting an ancient art

The cuisine couples the local and monastic recipes from the past with the best offers of Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi coast.

Our dishes figure out from ancient recipes that for generations are hanged down from mother to daughter. Every day, we propose a different and unique offer.

A great attention for the selection of ingredients to offer a cuisine strongly linked to the terroir and its resources; actually ,if possible, we usually prefers to buy products at km 0.

Always there a great extra virgin olive oil, the “Astichiano”, produced by the farm of Villa Giusso, Masseria Astapiana.