The estate

Historical residence in Vico Equense, Sorrento


A charming country house in Vico Equense, near Sorrento

Historic residence, Suspended between sky and sea, this ancient dwelling so full of past reminders, but present, suggests the necessity to return in peace with oneself and others, throughout the contemplation of nature and the discovery of agricultural life.

Love is the beginning of everything: the memory of the happy unworried days of childhood passed in the fields, playing with the soil and the leaves, feeling the taste of smells, recognizing the perfumes offered by nature, climbing trees, listening to the noise of wind, birds singing and the gurgle of water, admiring the sunset in an atmosphere becoming suddenly quiet, guided us . . . throughout this life project.

So, while our countrysides are depopulating, ambient catastrophes are increasing and ancestral acquaintances passed from father to son are disappearing, we desired to protect our origins and our past, living with dignity cultivating the products of the soil.

Naturally we pointed on the olive, sacred tree: fulcrum of everything. The production of extravirgin olive oil began following the traditions of the white monks of Camaldoli, which first lived in this site.

We are inspired by principles such as environment and biodiversity safeguard and, naturally, the respect of the religious spirit that has animated this place.
All our actions are inspired by these principles, even if, as all human actions, they may always be improved, also thanks to your suggestions!

For this reason, for the irrigation of the soil and the kitchen garden, we renewed the ancient cisterns that collected rainwater.

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We nourish a particular interest in biodiversity: we try to reproduce some plants that risk to be extinguished, such as salvia sclarea, which you will taste in some of our meals. Taking a walk in the countryside, you will notice also many species of the spontaneous flora of the Mediterranean area.

While renewing the buildings, we were particularly careful in preserving preexistences: you may notice that the front of the big guest quarters presents inserts with the original plaster that, where possible, was preserved.

Our philosophy of restoration, antithetic with nowadays consumeristic society, may also be observed in the antique furnitures, objects and fixtures that you will find in the bedrooms. In the guest quarters you will see the original pieces of furniture of the family, real antique furnitures.

Also in the bedrooms of the monks’ abodes, you will notice many pieces of furniture and things of the family that have been accurately restored to their original function, or converted to other uses, different from the original, like the ancient end-800’s prints and the beginning-900’s souvenir postcards that are exposed, the frames of pieces of furniture, now disappeared, used as door frames, a rifle store that has become a particular portemanteaux, the original 800’s washbasins again in use.

Concerning alternative sources of energy, up to date, solar panels are only a dream, because they are forbidden by the existing architectonic restrictions (legge1089/39). We rely in future progress!