Our production

Quality agricultural products

Cultivated with care and dedication

At Astapiana we produce melannurca campana (igp) – a special delicious red apple with an excellent flavour, noce di sorrento (igp) – a walnut with a kernel cream coloured, soft and crunchy with an extremely pleasant flavour and an unusual aroma and aftertaste, kaki napoletano (igp) – a persimmon with an excellent flavour, thanks to its high level of sugar, limone di Sorrento (igp) – a lemon with an intense aroma thanks to its considerable richness in essential oils, pomodoro di Sorrento- a tomato with a light red colour and sweet delicate flavour, melanzana “cima di viola”- an aubergine with a tender flesh and particularly mild flavour, zucca lunga di Napoli- a pumpkin with a sweet aromatic flavour, broccolo “friariello” di Napoli- a special sprouting broccoli, mela limoncella a special yellow apple with a light flavour of lemon, nocciola mortarella campana – an hazelnut with a nut ivory white coloured, firm and decidedly aromatic.

All are vegetables and fruits that the hot Mediterranean sun ripens. Following ancient traditions but with modern technologies and with the respect of international sanitary regulations, vegetables and fruits are transformed to be kept and to preserve intact taste and fragrance.