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Farmhouse overlooking Sorrento


Strategic point in the Sorrento Coast

Villa Giusso Astapiana is located in a strategic position, between Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi, in the heart of the park of the Lattari Mountains. You go down a very suggestive street that runs along the ancient wall surrounding the monastery.

  • Motorway NAPOLI-SALERNO A3

    Be carefull!!! From Rome, there are two motorways going to Salerno : the first one N.A30 goes directly to Salerno and it isn't good and the second one N.A3 goes to Sorrento and Salerno and it's the good one. From the airport of Naples, instead you have to follow the indications for A3 motorway (to Castellammare -Salerno).


  • Follow the sign for SORRENTO

  • At SEIANO, immediately after the Moon Valley Hotel, turn left towards MONTE FAITO.

  • Reset the speedometer

    ATTENTION: don't follow the GPS

  • Continue towards AROLA; at 4,6 km (from the crossroad of Seiano), turn right towards PASSEGGIATE VICANE.

  • Follow the small road: you'll see the monastery wall, pass under a first stone archway, then turn left, pass a second stone archway and you'll get in the park. The house is on the left.